The CP Godly Triangle

The Triangle of the Three rival religions

It began after the creation of Wolfenism. Wolfenism was gaining popularity, and all was well.

So why not add rival religions?

Soon, two rival religions were created: Seventagonism and Zoidfonzism. These two were rivals, and soon they were fighting a war that they could not win.


'In the beginning, There was only cleric. But when thy lord created the wiki and all that came with it...

The Seventagon was born, The most holy Shape of all! Some say the almighty being became sentient. We are the followers of the almighty.

And the Higher up of the religion, The Grand Cult Of Seven.'

These words are the ones ushered by the founder of Seventagonism. It is a holy shape, the seventagon.


'Zoidfonzism began when some crazy guy (the Divine Easygoer) decided to cut off Zoidberg's head, attach Fonzie's head and painted it red. Wow, was he bored.

It is no religion or belief. It is a government that makes blackjack a sport, makes the uncool cool, leather jackets awesome still and worships the first follower, the Zoidfonz.

Join the party, guys.'

These words were spoken by the Divine Easygoer, who is yet to be studied.