The hardest item in existence and the most valuable one.


It's so mindboggling you can't even understand how many sides there are!

objects represent the the holy teachings of Wolfen: The Spork, the Nonagon, the WolfenMaus and the Dik-dik.

The SporkEdit

The spork was one of the most intelligent creations that the almighty Wolfenmaus has created, it is the hardest material and the most valuable, the humans have attempted to make a copycat (fail) and the only thing they can do with it is eat, not fight the armies of Ceeb like the rest of us. The spork signifies balance between two opposites, and in turn, balance of the universe.

The NonagonEdit

The nonagon was the first shape, the shape of the universe. It was created by our lord Wolfenmaus to represent Paradoxes and to explain that only he can know everything and not the humans. It has modelled the spork and that's why it's widely known across the land. It signifies the cosmos and the paradox, also it signifies the timespace and curiosity.


The Dik-Dik is a majestic animal. It evolved from Cleric's first creature, the WolfenMaus. It is of a higher intellect than any of the mortal humans known in existence and is fierce in battle. Though it may seem docile, it can become very violent so do not let looks decieve you. It was known to have taught the WolfenMice telekenisis and other psycological powers. The humans decieved the Dik-Dik's, so now, they dwell away from populated areas, planning a return to retake the power mankind has stolen from them. Majestic as they are, they may sometimes take a form of an old beggar to test your kindness and compassion. 


The WolfenMaus, the first intelligent organism was the first step to perfection, though they are quite clever, they do not possess the intellect of a Dik-Dik. They are fiercer and stronger animals than the Dik-Dik and have protected the Wolfenites for many years, while we learned how to fight with holy sporks by them. The Ceeb himself trembles at the thought of his body being dismembered by the WolfenMaus. It's strength is said to also bend unholy Ceeb cutlery, and it is teaching the Dik-Diks and us to do that too. They represent force, courage, grace and strength.

Damara dik-dik

Such beauty never observed before...


It's strength can be easily observed through it's eyes.