Wolfenmaus, or Wolfen, is the Lord, savior, and messiah of Wolfenism. He regulary visits the wiki to spread his wisdom to his followers.


Wolfen was born to the virgin Lei as the reincarnation (and mutation) of Cleric's power. In childhood, he was known as Litek Waf (Small Warrior), and when he came of age, he proved his worthiness and power by smiting Ceeb the Open Minded.

Later in life, he begun to traverse the land, giving to the poor, and laying the many eager women who were drawn to him. After learning of his power and libido, the jealous Skelly, King of Canada had him executed via sporking. Many weeped for him.


Through sheer awesomness, Wolfen arose from his grave and proceeded to destroy Canada and reform it into it's current form, then released the children of Chuck E Cheese into the new, more friendly land. He is today revered as a hero, champion, and messiah to the world.